Monday, November 26, 2007

El Padrino tester ready to roll

In possibly the speediest build in Mountain Pedaler history, a brand spankin' 20" El Padrino test bike has just left the workstand.

This hardtail frame showcases Ventana's legendary 29er geometry, developed by the legend that is Sherwood Gibson.
The most striking thing about the build is surely the colour, with the Grinch Green finish sure to spark a love/hate relationship.

Where courses suit, expect to see this bike at races around NZ. Feel free to ask for a quick spin, or contact the Mountain Pedaler for a longer term test ride on your own trails, anywhere in NZ!

First impressions of the big wheels include an overwhelming feeling of smoothness which belies the hardtail nature of the frame. Traction is unbelievable, with technical pinches at Evans Pass on its maiden voyage dispatched with ease.

While the slower acceleration is a drawback, once they are rolling, a clear sense of momentum was felt, with rock strewn trails failing to rob precious speed as severely as with a 26er.

Without a doubt, the Padrino is a fantastically enjoyable riding experience, and the Mountain Pedaler recommends a test ride to anyone who has ever considered a 29er.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Crow comes home to roost...

El Cuervo in fully built finery

The newest member of the Ventana family is Nick, who opted for Ventana's 9" DH monster; the El Cuervo in the ongoing campaign to tame the brutally rough trails of Christchurch's Vic park.

Built with a full complement of the best SRAM parts, as well as a touch of white Syncros, this bike is sure to turn heads as Nick 'gets his shred on'.

Where 9" of progressive travel magic happens

If first indications from the recent Bike HQ DH race are anything to go by, this bike has pace to burn, so keep your eyes peeled for this masterpiece of CNC machining and 'Electric sex' welding at races and shuttle days over the summer.

Pity the rocks that get this view!

With a RRP of $7,500, and the ability to fully customise any component, the El Cuervo is a serious DH contender!

Mountain Pedaler out..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Building a revolution!

A bike would be nothing without a nice set of wheels, but an air of mystique often surrounds the building and maintenance of this critical component.

In past times, Mountain Pedaler NZ's test bikes were fitted with wheels assembled by either ultra-intelligent robots or skilled wheel building masters. However, in an effort to further the understanding of the bicycle, the Mountain Pedaler embarked on a project to build a set of 29er hoops for a new Grinch Green El Pardino test bike dubbed 'Gringo'.

Starting with a set of Kore Durox hubs, complete with universal disc mount and oversized QR axles, the process began, and measurements of the hubs were taken to determine the required spoke lengths with a Spoke calculator. Rims chosen were Salsa Delgado Race 29ers in a classy brushed black finish.

While the task ahead at first appeared daunting, Sheldon Brown's guide put the process in a series of clear steps, and is surely a must read for any first time wheelsmith.
After lacing up the wheels with 32 double butted spokes in a 3 cross pattern, patience was required as wheel dish, hop, and true were carefully manipulated, with spoke tensions increased to the required level (as indicated by an F# tone when plucked!) A truing stand is essential for this stage, and a loaner will soon be available for any customers looking to give it a go.

All up it was a thoroughly rewarding experience, and time will tell whether these wheels will withstand abuse on trails around the country. The Mountain Pedaler wholeheartedly recommends wheel building to any amateur mechanics; a truly rewarding experience.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fox; welcome to the whanau!

Hot of the press is some exciting news that Mountain Pedaler NZ can now offer the full range of Fox forks for complete bike builds.

With industry standard plushness, these forks were a popular choice amongst current Ventana riders, but with this formal supply agreement customers can now benefit from the backup and customer service of the Wanaka based Blue Shark boys.

A personal favourite is the Float 32 RLC, which is run at 100mm on the front of a test El Saltamontes. After 2 years of solid abuse and only a single oil change, this fork is still going strong and is a perfect match for the frame.

Another model that sets the benchmark is the Talas 36, with tree trunk sized stanchions and a kick ass travel adjust feature that transforms downhill shredders to uphill whippets!

Fox 36s handle bump duties on the front of the Terremoto tester

Both these forks and many others are now available for complete builds and should be the perfect fork for your next dream bike...

Mountain Pedaler out.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gringos pull off a stunner at Christchuch 12 hour

Gringos in the flesh; (Left to right) Lauren, Steve, Sam and Ollie

The El Ventana Gringos tackled the McLeans Island 12 hour in Christchurch last weekend, pushing the envelope of pain and luck to new levels and delivering a fantastic second placing in the process.

The race began at 10AM, with Rowan pulling out a first hot lap before the second rider Steve was off. After no sign of Steve the crew began to worry, and it wasn't until the word reached them that they learnt it had all gone pear shaped out on the course. No doubt due to a high speed cornering manoeuvre, Steve had blown out a tire, and had been forced to run 1/3 of the course before a friendly rider offered his own pump and tube to repair the puncture. Unfortunately, the pump had issues of its own, and the 20psi that Steve could squeeze out of it lasted only 500m, before another blowout rendered him running again! It was truly a day for friendly riders, as yet another offered their tube and pump, and Steve was off to finish his lap, only 20minutes later than expected!
Rowan (Left) tags out with Steve (Right) with Sam on transponder duties

The team now had a mission on its hands, with the goal of pulling in lost time to the leading teams who were lapping, a lap ahead. A series of hot laps by Ollie, Sam, Lauren and Rowan dropped the gap to around five minutes, but disaster struck on one of Sam's laps as his non-drive side XTR crank decided to part company, forcing Sam to complete a one legged lap.
Like the true battler he is, Sam was still passing people at the finish, and after completeing his single leg powered lap he reported that the leg in question was 'a bit sore'.

Sam stomps through the tent village with crank firmly attached

So nose was back on the grindstone again, but it seemed that lady luck had had her way with the Gringos, and as the hours ticked past they were fortunate enough to escape further punishment.

Perhaps the highlight of the race was the final pair of laps, where Ollie left at 10 past 9, knowing he would have to be on his game to make the 10:35 cut off. Considering that 25 minute laps were tough during the day, it was a tall order, but still he barrelled through with 10 seconds to spare, and Sam was off in a puff of dust. The pressure was on but it is testament to the courage of this Gringo that he didn't give up, peeling a minute off his previous best times and sprinting down the finishing chute to finish dead on 12 hours. After collapsing trough exhaustion at the finish, the team celebrated around him, as this feat of speed (at night and after a solid 12 hours of racing) was a fantastic end to the race.

Rowan even managed to squeeze out some structures
homework in between blitzing the course.

All up the Gringos placed second in the mixed category, and they have no doubts that with a bit of luck they could have made the top step. Still it was a great race, and a credit to the heart of the team that they pulled through the adversity to great result!

Lauren heads out on a lap, showing that her skills extend beyond the road!

Mountain Pedaler out...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ventana El Ciclon; the ultimate trailbike?

The term 'Ultimate trailbike' is bandied about alot in the bike industry, with many companies claiming their latest incremental development to be the 'best of the best'.
Rarely do consumers get an unbiased glimpse at what these bikes really ride like without taking the punge and buying one.

Thankfully, a member of the MTBR communtiy has shared the insight gained through tests of the following bikes at the Interbike dirt demo:
  • Felt Compulsion 17-inch
  • Turner RFX 17-inch
  • Knolly Endorphin 17-inch
  • Turner Sultan 17-inch
  • Niner RIP9 17-inch
  • Titus El Guapo Titanium 17-inch
  • Norco Fluid LT 16-inch
  • Cannondale Rush Carbon team Medium
  • Cannondale Taurine Team Medium
  • Cannondale Scalpel Medium
  • Giant Trance X (medium)
  • Giant Reign 6.7” travel (medium)
  • Fisher Hi Fi Carbon medium
  • Fisher HI-Fi 29er medium
  • Kona Dawg Deluxe
  • Ventana El Ciclon
  • Turner RFX 2006
Check the full write up here...

So after some undoubtly tiring test riding, this fellow concluded that he wouldn't trade his El Ciclon for the world. Surely a great testament to the handling, build quality and style of this top notch frame.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tricks bits at Interbike

Craziness award goes to delta 7 for this frame straight out of Spiderman (pig?).
Clearly from somewhere where mud was rare ! Photo CyclingNews

The Interbike convention; Vegas' annual orgy of bike bling came to a close after a week of excessive naked carbon and metal polish. The product releases this year certainly didn't disappoint, and the Mountain Pedaler was content to surf the web taking in the new (and often crazy) new products.
One product line which looks to be on the up is Crank Brothers, who released improved and upgraded bits across their line.

The venerable Mallet receives a new gold coat and refined machining. Photo NSMB

New to the line are these trick wheelsets, featuring
some unique nipples and spokes wizardry. Photo NSMB

These sharp Crank Brothers parts should arrive in NZ next year, and will be available for new Ventana builds.
By all accounts the event is an exciting one, although I suspect that even for the Mountain Pedaler there is a limit to the amount of standing around and oggling bike bits that one can handle! Despite this, Mountain Pedaler NZ hopes to send a representative next year to get a first hand taste of what goes down.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ventana riders implicated in Tandem madness

Held last weekend in sunny Nelson was an epic battle on stretched bikes.
Ventana team riders Oliver and Tristan rose to the challenge, taking advantage of a loaner tandem on offer. While not aboard a Ventana, the tour proved an exciting taster, and we can expect to see a Ventana El Conquistador de Montana (full squish tandem) in the test fleet in the near future.

Tandem riding requires alot of trust and brute force, and the duo represented Ventana impeccably, riding to two stage victories and earning the respect of competitors along the way.

Highlight of the race was the final stage, where the team dueled with eventual winners Chris and Bob up the Nuedorf valley. On the out and back course, Team Ventana drew first blood with an impeccably timed king of the mountain sprint, only to be out muscled at the next KOM. The final rain soaked descent proved a true test of the captain's bike handling, with reports of two wheel slides, a scary proposition given the 90kph speeds reached.
The two teams worked well to stay away on the final flat stretch before locking horns in an exciting drag race for the line. Ollie and Tristan prevailed, but finished a close second to the legendary duo of Chris and Bob, truly a formidable tandem force!

All up, the weekend was a blast, and Oliver recommends a ride on a tandem whenever the opportunity arises. For sheer speed and exhilaration in the company of someone you trust, it can't be beat!

One half of the winning duo gets his race face on!

Mountain Pedaler out...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fox come to the party with valve widget!

Up until now Ventana riders (and many others) have had to undo the main pivot bolt to access the air valve on their Fox Float rear air shocks; a small issue but annoying none the less.

For 2008, Fox air shocks will all feature an angled air valve that makes this issue a thing of the past!

It is great to see Fox come to the party, listening to consumers and redesigning their shocks to make them more user friendly for Ventana riders.

Frames are now shipping from the factory with 2008 shocks, so all new owners will reap the benefits.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ventana Solos to Victory in Winter Series!

Oliver 'gets his berm on' in preparation for the race
(Photo: Vaughan Watson)

Team rider Oliver Whalley aboard his faithful Ventana El Toro recently completed a clean sweep of the single speed grade at the Christchurch Winter Series.

The final round, held at McLeans Island on a stunning winters day was indicative of the domination Oliver displayed. Coming in with a minute and a half lead and winning the entire sport grade in the process!

No doubt part of his success can be attributed to the dialed handling of the El Toro frame. Oliver reported that during his final two laps around the fast, flowing course he felt as if he was no longer riding a bike while speeding around the course!

The eccentric bottom bracket central to the Toro's design made setting up the big gears required on this fast course a doddle, with none of the faffing about required with other chain tensioning systems.
Gone in a flash, such is the speed of the El Toro!
(Photo: William Kelton)

Look out for Oliver aboard the El Toro at the HQ Underground SS races to be held in late September. With power to burn and the skills to pay the bills, expect Oliver to be 'putting it in the hurt bag' in a quest to secure the cash on offer.

Incidentally, this race winning bike is available for test rides, so get in touch if you fancy a spin (or grind) on your favourite trail.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stolen El Rey

In tragic news, Alistair B. has just reported his cosmic orange El Rey stolen. Taken off the roof of
his car between 9.30 & 12 on Thursday the 16th (in Christchurch city), this dream bike is now on the hands of a light handed person of questionable moral fibre (or as Alistair called him, a fucker!)

The Stolen bike; a Ventana El Rey (29er)

Please keep your eyes peeled out there for this stolen bike, and report any sightings to the local police. They have had success with recovering stolen high end bikes in the past, and with a bit of vigilance Alistair may not have to claim for it under his insurance.
Key identifiying features include:
  • Cosmic orange paint
  • 29 inch wheels
  • Reba 29er fork
  • Avid juicy brakes
  • XT cranks and derailleur
Mountain Pedaler out...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Spangler on the loose...

In exciting news Will Kelton, NZs newest Ventana owner has just completed an amazing bike build around the shiny Ventana El Fuego frame. Coming in at a svelte 4.5lbs, and in a mirror-like ball burnished finish, this El Fuego is a showcase of Ventana's attention to detail. With 3.5" of rear travel and race honed geometry, Will chose the frame for its sharp handling and of course the shiny finish!
Will was also the first customer to build the frame up up with components from Mountain Pedaler NZ's newest supplier; WH Worralls. This allowed Will to spec the latest SRAM X9 drivetrain, Juicy brakes, Truvativ cranks and cockpit and Continental tires.
First ride on this sub 24lb build, and Will reports that the bike handles his favourite rocky descents with aplomb, mastering the tricky Captain Thomas descent without a whimper! Easily confused for a low flying fighter jet, Will and his new Ventana (aptly named 'Spangler') will be shredding the hills till the cows come home.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hey Presto!

Just arrived at Mountain Pedaler HQ is a sweet new bearing press set from the crew at Ventana.
Custom machined from aluminium, this precision tool allows all rocker, swingarm and seatstay bearings to be pressed out, then switched around to press in a shiny new set!
Contact Oliver if your bearings need a bit of TLC, as with this tool and replacement bearings in stock, it shouldn't be hard to keep your Ventana running in tip-top condition!

Mountain Pedaler out...

El Terremoto tester now available

T-Rex resplendent in its white finery

Fresh off the workstand and ready for heavy duty trail riding is Mountain Pedaler's new test steed, an El Terremoto 6.0. Representing the burly end of Ventana's spectrum, this bike (dubbed 'T-Rex') is now available for short term loan. With 2 sets of oversized bearings at every pivot, the frame showcases the lateral stiffness that Ventana is renowned for. Air shocks front and rear also allow the ride to be tuned to rider weight and style with ease.

Front end with '08 Fox forks and golden hub goodness

Component highlights include '08 Fox Talas forks which allow for enhanced climbaility; front travel can be dropped from 160 to 100mm with the flick of a knob!
Gold Hope Pro2 hubs laced to DT Swiss 5.1 rims make up the wheels, and early tests indicate these hoops strike a good balance between width and weight.
Get in touch with the Mountain Pedaler to book your ride!

Raring and ready for a good trashing (or even the odd huck!)

Mountain Pedaler out...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Complete Ventana bikes now offered!

Thanks to WH Worralls Ltd, Mountain Pedaler NZ can now offer complete Ventana bikes with parts from their extensive range.

Highlights include SRAM gears, Rock Shox suspension, Avid brakes, and Ritchey, Easton or Truvativ bars, stems and seatposts.

Brands now offered by Mountain Pedaler NZ for complete bike builds.

With the huge range and excellent stock levels, we can now offer speedy builds on full custom bikes with every part specified by you; the customer!

With a full workshop, our experienced mechanic can put together your dream bike at no extra charge (excluding wheels).

Get in touch with the Mountain Pedaler on 027 712 0302 or to get your build under way!

Mountain Pedaler out...

Cruzin' at Nydia Bay

A sunny Sunday in Marlborough sounds
from Opuri saddle; start of the Nydia bay ride

Braving a frosty Sunday morning, a Oliver and Tristian aboard Ventana El Saltamontes were joined by Anja and Stu for a jaunt over the legendary Nydia bay track.
Thanks to some invaluable driving duties by Tristan's Mum, we positioned cars for a drop off and drive out, hoping to avoid the 33km gravel road that would have faced us otherwise!

With a drop off at the top of Opuri saddle, it was right into the fantastic single track. Words cannot describe the perfect concoction of roots, rocks and the odd head high supplejack vine, as we hooted and hollered all the way down to Duncan bay. If the rest of the ride was anything like this first section, we knew we were in for a treat!

After a cheeky lunch break, i was back on the bikes for a challenging single track climb to the first saddle. It required a perfect balance of technical skill and grunt, with plenty of clambering up rooty sections and over dips and undulations in the trail. Both Oliver and Tristan noted the supreme lateral stiffness of their frames, allowing them to track straight through difficult sections without their frames twisting under the demanding loads.
'Bluey' atop the first saddle, having mastered the challenging climb!

Downhill was the next order of the day, with a solid 40 minute descent with plenty of the same flowing but technical challenge experienced from the start. By this time everyone was having a ball, and the inevitable endo where one rider attempted to cross a root infested wheel gobbling line was met with friendly jeers from those who witnessed it!

A stop for a snack in Nydia proper proceeded another climb, which started open but then entered the temperate tropical forest that we had come to know and love. The descent from this saddle was again a blast, although tired bodies meant that slippery sections demanded full commitment.

Crazy skills award of the day goes to Stu, who attempted (and nearly made) a 1m high tree hop, complete with sketchy off-camber run in and off-cliff bail out option. Impressive stuff!
Stu eyes up a fallen tree, hitting it with pace.

Up up and away!

One last climb over a new section of trail, then a final descent to the car where polypros were swapped and sangos were demolished.

With 5 hours of technical riding it was truly an epic ride, heightened by the presence of great company. A must ride for any exponents of technical single track, and surely one of NZ's best trails. Like always, check the Kennett Bros. book for the details, and add it to you list of spring adventures!

Mountain Pedaler out...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ventana close to Victory at Nelson 6 hour

The King and a mountain jumper primed and ready for action

Sunday at Nelson's Rabbit Island dawned crisp and clear, with some sweet new single track laid out especially for the race. The long 30 minute laps took in everything from wheel swallowing pits to fast sandy straights.
While the absence of hills made hardtail frames the bike of choice for most riders, Oliver and Robin aboard an El Saltamontes and El Capitan respectively had a blast riding their full squishers.
Making the rest of the team (and indeed most other riders) look soft was Susan, who tackled the course on an ancient single speed, opting to save her bike from the harsh sandy conditions out on the course.

Susan on her honorary Ventana El Oldschool

Also spotted riding for the team was David Ayre, hot off the back of a win at the local road race.
He pulled off a smoking lap, and helped lift the team to second place out of 22 teams in the mixed category, a truly awesome result for the team!

Guest fast guy David gets ready for his hot lap

Keep eyes peeled for a Ventana team at a race near you, and if the result at the weekend is anything to go by, just look for the fast guys!

Mountain Pedaler out...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A King (El Rey) in the family

New to the full suspension 29er scene and first on an El Rey in New Zealand is Alistair Brown from Christchurch.
With a fine pedigree and an awesome reputation (particularly on the respected website), Alistair took the plunge and bought one of these masterfully crafted frames in Ventana's loudest colour option; Cosmic orange!

With 4" of travel and signature Ventana stiffness thanks to two oversize bearings at every pivot, Alistair reports that it handles the worst that Christchurch's Port Hills have to offer with aplomb!
Alistair has joined a select few on big hoops in Christchurch, with tractor like traction and stability of the larger wheels giving a different but undeniably fun riding experience.

He plans do complete some epic rides up the Avoca valley as soon as the recent winter blasts have blown through.

Congratulations Alistair on a sweet build, and welcome to the family!

Mountain Pedaler out....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Terremoto 6.0 strikes NZ!

Just arrived on New Zealand shores is Ventana's latest all mountain offering.
With a buttery smooth 6" of rear travel (and suitably gigantic rocker and pivot bearings), this frame should monster even the gnarliest roots and rocks that the local trails have to offer.

Spanish for "The Earthquake", the El Terremoto is a fine example of Ventana craftmanship. From the radically butted down tube (designed to deliver signature Ventana stiffness) to the fine CNC details that adorn the swingarm and bottom bracket cluster.
Mountain Pedaler hopes to add this pearly white stallion to the stable of test bikes, so that prospective customers can get a feel for the ride of a Ventana at the larger end of the travel spectrum.
Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the build progress, and feel free to get in touch if you fancy taking it for a spin!

Mountain Pedaler out.....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ode to the Highside

Oliver resplendent in his yellow Highside

Mountain Pedaler NZ is good friends with Krank Dirtwear, a Hanmer company producing top quality threads purpose built for NZ riding. A favourite Krank product of ours would have to be the Highside, and the way it continues to perform despite prolonged abuse never ceases to amaze us.

A prime example is the weekend of torture just survived. Bikes were set aside on Saturday as Oliver took to the hills around Arthurs Pass. Rather than scoping for lines, the real purpose was to climb Castle Hill Peak (2000m) before the snow set in. While companions were swapping layers like they were going out of fashion, the Highside (in combination with a Rush thermal layer) performed remarkably well, especially considering the brisk ridge wind, changing slopes and the user's propensity to sweat buckets.

The next day, an early morning single speed mission aboiard the El Toro was on the cards, and again the Highside performed flawlessly; only a quick opening of the 'pit-vents' was required to regulate body temperature.

The Highside is super breathable, but more than that it draws a perfect balance between breathability and waterprooffness, important when it comes to keeping your limbs and torso dry during the inevitable mid ride storm.

Even after this tortuous weekend, and despite battle scars from a year of use the Highside soldiers on, and has taken its place as the Mountain Pedaler's favourite riding top!

Check for details on this awesome piece of kit.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Free replacement bushes now in stock

A few Ventana customers have reported issues with the bushes on their Fox shocks wearing prematurely. This has been linked to Fox speccing low quality bushes on their shocks, however Mountain Pedaler NZ is offering free replacement shock bushings for all frames within their warranty period (typically 2 years). The new bushes feature a high quality teflon and brass lining which should keep them running for much longer than the stock bushes.

Let us know if your El Cuervo, El Saltamontes, El Capitan or El Rey has developed slight play in the rear suspension. This is usually identified by a small amount of vertical movement apparent when lifting the seat. Give us a buzz if you are having this problem and we will get bushes out to you as soon as possible.

Replacement is a simple press out with appropriately sized sockets and a vice, and your local bike shop should make short work of it if you are less mechanically inclined.

This Mountain Pedaler service ensures that you and your Ventana have a smooth and worry free ride!

Mountain Pedaler out...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Flow and go on the Wharfedale

Last Sunday, an keen group of Ventana riders; Oliver, Pete (aboard their El Saltamontes) and Shaun headed for the hills west of Christchurch at Oxford.
The destination was the famed Wharfedale track, and on arrival the wise decision was made to park after the first fords and ride to the trail head. In the latter stages of the ride (with legs fading) this proved exceptionally cunning!

The track started with an easy climb on a smooth beech leaf surface, a great way to ease back in to NZ single track for Oliver who had been riding Vancouver's North Shore only a week ago.
Clearly it took some adaptation, with a couple of technical sections getting the better of him (note the picture below!)
Oliver fails to keep the rubber side down,
performing an inverted trunk inspection

From here the track got better and better, with swoopy turns leading to technical challenges like dips and off camber sections that challenged both skills and courage! Perfect terrain for the Ventana El Saltamontes, with the 4" of travel devouring all bumps in sight and with just the right angles to attack dips and corners with gusto.

This track really must be ridden to be believed, and despite recent rain the surface was tacky with only a few boggy sections.

After a rest for lunch at the Warfedale hut, it was back on the bikes and out to Lees Valley, where two epic hill climbs on gravel road took us back to the Oxford township.
Scenery was amazing, while the only wildlife to speak of were some crazy cows that insisted on stampeding down the 4WD track out.

Oxford township with its old-town charm served as an excellent pie stop, with the warmer cleaned out of $1 specials. Just as light began to fade we made it back to the van, and were off home with memories of the epic ride to take us through till next weekend.

Check the Kennett Bros. book for details, as this is a must for Christchurch riders, or indeed anyone planning a roadtrip in the area.

Oliver 'turning the frown upside down'
as the end of the last climb is reached
Mountain Pedaler out...