Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mitch McDivitt shredding on the El Cuervo

The lastest and greatest to make the exclusive Mountain Pedaler NZ race team is Mitch MicDivitt. His weapon of choice is the all new Ventana El Cuervo, featuring teaked geometry and a sparkly chrome powder coat for 2007. More info and a great writeup on the frame here Highlights include a monsterous four bearings at each pivot!

And Mitch is living proof of how fast this Ventana can go! He has been demolishing the competition in the Junior grades at the North Island series, including top 3 placings in this super competitive field. This report of a muddy outing just in from his chief supporter and mechanic Russell:
"After Mitch's first couple of practice runs he had thought the bottom bracket had filled up with mud and slosh as it had became almost impossible to pedal. What actually happened is the chain guide bolts had come loose and the mud got in behind the chain guide pushing the guide tight onto the front chainring. Took about 20 minutes to fix with the longer bolts now lock-tightened to the frame!"

Good to see some Kiwi ingenuity coming to the fore.
It is great to have a rising star like Mitch on a Ventana!

Mountian Pedaler out!