Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Free replacement bushes now in stock

A few Ventana customers have reported issues with the bushes on their Fox shocks wearing prematurely. This has been linked to Fox speccing low quality bushes on their shocks, however Mountain Pedaler NZ is offering free replacement shock bushings for all frames within their warranty period (typically 2 years). The new bushes feature a high quality teflon and brass lining which should keep them running for much longer than the stock bushes.

Let us know if your El Cuervo, El Saltamontes, El Capitan or El Rey has developed slight play in the rear suspension. This is usually identified by a small amount of vertical movement apparent when lifting the seat. Give us a buzz if you are having this problem and we will get bushes out to you as soon as possible.

Replacement is a simple press out with appropriately sized sockets and a vice, and your local bike shop should make short work of it if you are less mechanically inclined.

This Mountain Pedaler service ensures that you and your Ventana have a smooth and worry free ride!

Mountain Pedaler out...

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