Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pick N Mix sweeten things up in Taupo

Transition mayhem at team Pick N Mix
Photo Rhy Hayward

A haphazard collection of buddies including Ventana riders Oliver and Pete cobbled together a team for the Taupo Day Night thriller, a 12 hour Enduro held in the forests around Spa park. Reportedly the biggest 12 hour in the world, this event didn't disappoint with a tent village traverse feeling as though it took half of the lap time!

Pick N Mix ready to roll!
Photo Friendly random

Kaz pins the hard line
Photo Oliver Whalley

To keep with an ongoing theme of 'serious fun', Pick N Mix donned Opshop $2 shirts with startling floral patterns. Styles ranged from Rhys' super-tight-n-skanky purple number, to the full bodied frock that Ollie wore. Female team members Karen and Kim felt rather outdone, commenting that heinous dresses on the fairer sex didn't prompt the same rowdy support afforded to the guys!

Oliver unleashes the frock power
Photo Michelle Bellamy

Pete powers away with Kaz in support.
Rhys exhales while Kim checks the tent roof (WTF?)

Photo Oliver Whalley

Some outstanding teamwork, particularly at transitions, in addition to some lightning fast laps cemented the teams position as 4th place mixed team, 15th out of 394 entries!

Rhys shows his race face
Photo Karen Collins

The atmosphere at the team tent was fantastic, with plenty of singalongs and 'put it in the biggie' calls to keep excitement levels high. After a long day in the saddle the final 2 laps fell to Oliver who powered his El Padrino to finish in a ruffled heap of skirt 30 seconds before the cutoff.

A fantastic weekend for the team at a great event. So successful was the cross-dressing concept, some team members may even opt to wear their classy numbers at local races!

Mountain Pedaler out...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sherwood Gibson; the man, the legend.

Sherwood Gibson; Mr Ventana
Photo Teresa Franco

Hot of the press is this great interview from the folks at Bike Radar.
Those of you out there who have had the pleasure to ride one of his frames will know him to be a master of his art, and this article gives a great insight into the man, his history and his passion.
As founder and chief designer of Ventana he is responsible for the great products that Mountain Pedaler NZ are proud to distribute.
A riveting read for any Ventana afficandos or indeed anyone looking for a face behind the brand in this current age of Taiwanese welding robots.

Mountain Pedaler out...