Saturday, May 24, 2008

When the goop hits the fan...

When tubeless goes bad...

Those of you out there who have made the leap to tubeless tires will no doubt relish the benefits, notably the ability to run lower tire pressures with reduced risk of puncture. With low pressure also comes a world of benefits that really bring a bike alive. These include lower rolling resistance, more traction and extended tire life.

While tubeless may seem like the ultimate tire solution, it is not without its own challenges, and principal among these is the initial setup, where a combination of sitcky goop and compressed air can make for a messy and uncomfortable situation.

Fortunately, those out there who haven't taken the plunge can learn from the Mountain Pedaler's mistakes. A great deal of faffing about could have been avoided if the tyres had first been inflated onto the rims with a tube, thus seating at least one of the beads. With those done, the compressor easily inflated the tire and seated the remaining bead with a loud pop.

All sealed up and ready to PARTY!

Andrew shows some new-bike stoke

With tyres inflated and pedals attached, Andrew's Chiquillo was ready to fly. Fuego rider Will took him for a whizz around the Christhchurch tracks, and Andrew reported having a blast. Despite the always painful maiden endo Andrew showed some impressive riding skills and should be shredding his home tracks as we speak.

Mountain Pedaler out...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

King of Bling? Chris King.

When it comes to hubs, there aint nothin' nicer than a Chris King, and Pete of SS nationals fame just shouted his Ventana El Toro a set of these classy hubs.
With features like a 5 year warranty, fully serviceable stainless steel bearings and a phenomenal 72 engagement pawls, these hubs should keep rolling loud and proud for many years to come.

Perhaps the best feature is the auditory smorgasbord that these hubs serve up every time the freewheel engages. If precision and quality had a ring tone, it would surely be the purr that Chris King hubs make!

Built up with double butted black spokes (and brass nipples) and No-tube Arch rims, this wheelset offers an excellent balance of stiffness and lightweight. The subtle pewter anodising of the hubs should create beautiful palette against the Grinch Green of Pete's frame.

After building up these wheels, the Mountain Pedaler is almost Grinch Green with envy!

Mountain Pedaler out...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Steve shreds in Vegas

This just in from the Mountain Pedaler's northern correspondent, Steve Lee...

Well what can one say about the trip to MTB heaven......... AWESOME we did the day trip thing and had about 5 hours of riding taking in A trail, tickler, frontal lobotomy, Billy T, split enz, pondy, pondy new, chop suey, spring roll, b rude not 2, then out on club trail and exit trail. Just a totally awesome days riding. My best day out on the trails ever. El as usual took every thing in his stride. Steve as usual couldn't wipe the smile of his face.

After a weekend on the trails around the SS nationals, I'd have to agree that Rotorua trails are hard to beat. For anyone out there who hasn't experienced the epitome of flow, get your wheels up there and shred!

Mountain Pedaler out...