Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ventana Solos to Victory in Winter Series!

Oliver 'gets his berm on' in preparation for the race
(Photo: Vaughan Watson)

Team rider Oliver Whalley aboard his faithful Ventana El Toro recently completed a clean sweep of the single speed grade at the Christchurch Winter Series.

The final round, held at McLeans Island on a stunning winters day was indicative of the domination Oliver displayed. Coming in with a minute and a half lead and winning the entire sport grade in the process!

No doubt part of his success can be attributed to the dialed handling of the El Toro frame. Oliver reported that during his final two laps around the fast, flowing course he felt as if he was no longer riding a bike while speeding around the course!

The eccentric bottom bracket central to the Toro's design made setting up the big gears required on this fast course a doddle, with none of the faffing about required with other chain tensioning systems.
Gone in a flash, such is the speed of the El Toro!
(Photo: William Kelton)

Look out for Oliver aboard the El Toro at the HQ Underground SS races to be held in late September. With power to burn and the skills to pay the bills, expect Oliver to be 'putting it in the hurt bag' in a quest to secure the cash on offer.

Incidentally, this race winning bike is available for test rides, so get in touch if you fancy a spin (or grind) on your favourite trail.

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