Sunday, June 24, 2007

A King (El Rey) in the family

New to the full suspension 29er scene and first on an El Rey in New Zealand is Alistair Brown from Christchurch.
With a fine pedigree and an awesome reputation (particularly on the respected website), Alistair took the plunge and bought one of these masterfully crafted frames in Ventana's loudest colour option; Cosmic orange!

With 4" of travel and signature Ventana stiffness thanks to two oversize bearings at every pivot, Alistair reports that it handles the worst that Christchurch's Port Hills have to offer with aplomb!
Alistair has joined a select few on big hoops in Christchurch, with tractor like traction and stability of the larger wheels giving a different but undeniably fun riding experience.

He plans do complete some epic rides up the Avoca valley as soon as the recent winter blasts have blown through.

Congratulations Alistair on a sweet build, and welcome to the family!

Mountain Pedaler out....

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