Friday, July 04, 2008

Ventana: All Access Tour

As most Ventana owners know, the people behind the scenes at this boutique frame manufacturer are something special, and for the first time we can now get a grasp of just how they work their magic.

The folks at Competitive Cyclist have put the geographical proximity to the Californian factory to good use, and visited Sherwood and Co. for a comprehensive tour of the factory that can be found here.

It gives an excellent insiders report of the factory, covering everything from machining to powder coating (and all the steps in between).

The following excerpt sums up their visit well...
It's not any one thing that stands out about Ventana from our visit -- it's all the little things. It's the processes and tools they've developed to ensure quality comes first. They take the time on the front end to alleviate any potential warranty issues. It's the systems they have in place to address efficiencies, and be sure they turn inventory quickly. That's for their sake, our sake, and yours. But most of all it’s about the people. Behind every good business are good people, passionate about what they do.

Mountain Pedaler can only agree with these sentiments, and we are exceptionally proud to be the distributor of these fine frames in New Zealand.

Mountain Pedaler out...