Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tricks bits at Interbike

Craziness award goes to delta 7 for this frame straight out of Spiderman (pig?).
Clearly from somewhere where mud was rare ! Photo CyclingNews

The Interbike convention; Vegas' annual orgy of bike bling came to a close after a week of excessive naked carbon and metal polish. The product releases this year certainly didn't disappoint, and the Mountain Pedaler was content to surf the web taking in the new (and often crazy) new products.
One product line which looks to be on the up is Crank Brothers, who released improved and upgraded bits across their line.

The venerable Mallet receives a new gold coat and refined machining. Photo NSMB

New to the line are these trick wheelsets, featuring
some unique nipples and spokes wizardry. Photo NSMB

These sharp Crank Brothers parts should arrive in NZ next year, and will be available for new Ventana builds.
By all accounts the event is an exciting one, although I suspect that even for the Mountain Pedaler there is a limit to the amount of standing around and oggling bike bits that one can handle! Despite this, Mountain Pedaler NZ hopes to send a representative next year to get a first hand taste of what goes down.

Mountain Pedaler out...

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