Monday, March 19, 2007

Torque the Talk

Just in from a supplier in the US of A are some brand new precision tools that should bring a whole new level to Mountain Pedaler's operations. Traditionally frame builds have been offered but have required the assistance of a local bike store, but this new arrival should expand our capabilities to amazing new levels!

First up is a torque wrench which will allow for precision tightening of pivot bolts (amongst others) ensuring fasteners are torqued to manufacturer's specifications while avoiding the dreaded stripped thread!
Next is a headset press which will allow for an accurate press fit for this vital component. Adapters are so versatile that this gadget will also be invaluable should suspension bearings require replacement.
Finally a star-nut installer and steerer tube cutter should allow for straight forward fitting of forks on new bikes!
With these new tools and the experience and knowledge of our assembly gurus, all new Ventanas can get the care and attention to detail deserving of their pedigree.

Mountain Pedaler Out...

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