Tuesday, March 06, 2007

El Toro storms to 3rd and 4th in Karapoti

Aaron Reardon and Tristan Rawlence, members of the Ventana NZ team and all round madmen piloted their El Toros to kickass placings in the 2007 edition of NZ's perennial cross country race.
For those unacquainted, the Karapoti features toe numbing river crossings, ring popping climbs and the infamous 'devils staircase' hike-a-bike section.

And what could make it more fun?
Try riding it with one gear!!

These mental guys hurtled round the 50km course in 3 hours, putting many geared riders to shame. Just goes to show that with a superior handling frame like the El Toro, a good set of calves and a few disconnected neurons, anything is possible!
Look for some action packed details in Tristan's race update (Coming soon!)

Mountain Pedaler Out

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