Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ventana Gringos and Gringas kick ass at Hanmer 8

The gringos and gringas show some post-race stoke

In hitherto unforseen levels of race particiation, a team of 6 Ventana Gringos rolled out the Hanmer 8 hour last weekend, and after a hard day in respective saddles they come away with some spectacular results. The reduction from 12 to 8 hours encouraged big fields in the solo divisions, with Craig, Michi and Ollie all throwing their chains in the ring. A largely flat but still flowy and fun course kept them entertained, with a great low key atmosphere and plenty of rowdy support feel at the Forest Camp village. Jo and Mops tackled the 4 hr while Sue bizarely strapped an ET replica to her bars and proceeded to fly (not literally) around the course as part of a womens team.
All photos are from ultimate race supporter extroidinaire, Rebekah Tregurtha.

Jo and Mops pre-race showing smiles far to big to be serious. Jo went on to reel in first place on the last lap of the 4 hour and took out the win in open Womens. Nice. Mops kept it real for a solid 5th place.

Jo still showing smiles despite ripping the legs off the field aboard her El Saltamontes.
Can't be hurting enough!

Ollie busts out another hot lap. By the time 8 hours was up he'd taken his rigid/Rohloff equiped El Padrino to 1st in the 8 hour solo, only 2 minutes behind the leading teams.

Michi shreds through the forest, furiously chasing down a rider. Sporting the Brevet proven El Commandante and Rohloff combo, Michi pullled of a solid 8th place. He regretted not brining anti chaffe but was back in the saddle the next day for a downhill race. Crazy.

Finally Craig T, who called on supreme displays of riding smoothness to pull off an exceptional 2nd in the veteran mens solo 8. Sucker for punishment that he is, he went on to mop up the rest of the field at the following days sprint race. Solid.

All in all a resounding success for the Ventana Gringos! Expect a big (and mexican themed) appearance at next months Christchurch Singletrack Club Fiesta. Rumors are already abound as to what the costume du jour will be, with the Nacho Libre themed wrestling get-up a leading contender.

Mountain Pedaler out...

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