Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Auckland XC Champs Round 2 - Slater Road

Ollie smashes the start.

A private farm just north of Helensville was the location for round 2 of Aucklands XC champs. Starting with a fast climb to a tight singletrack loop, Ollie was gapped by Auckland rider Brad Tilby when a young rider hit the deck on the first stretch of singletrack. Fortunately the needles made for a forgiving biff, and the rider was not hurt. Unfortunately the damage was done to Ollie's race, and despite digging deep he wasn't able to match the furious pace Brad was laying down. Settling into a rhythm he pulled a gap on 3rd and held 2nd to the end of 4 laps.

Pine forest made for singletrack bliss

Being sand based the course was murder on the bike, and as the race drew on, corners became loose and focus shifted to staying smooth. Keeping upright in the shifting sands became an enjoyable challenge.
Again Pete Fyfe made the race but some hip surgery meant he was resigned to bottling and cheering duties. Cries of "Turn that frown upside down" did wonders for Ollie's morale!

A rare smile on the race face.

The final round is at Woodhill where a Ollie will need every ounce of nous to keep in touch with local riders who will know the tracks like the back of their hands!
Mountain Pedaler out...

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