Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hot laps and a hotter day at the Vulcaniser

Ollie hot on Tim's wheel as they steam through lap 1
Photo: Aaron Allen

Adventure Events always put on a great show, none more so than the Vulcaniser. While the world class singletrack-fest is situated at the heart of a picturesque coastal sheep farm, riders were not to be fooled the heavenly surroundings would harbour racing conditions hotter than hell!

Fast starter Tim Madgwick got the holeshot up the first climb, with Ventana rider Oliver in hot pursuit. A dusty and loose descent ensued, then on the climb back to the start a bunch of riders swarmed past the early leaders, only a few seconds separating the leading group going into the second lap.

Still in touch with the leaders, disaster struck for Oliver on the second Slimline descent. The loose conditions got the better of him, causing a front wheel washout round a tight switchback and sending him flying off the track.

Dusty and distraught, Oliver nursed his crippled El Fuego round the course loosing a minute as he muscled the mangled derailleur hanger back into place.
Thanks to some next level support from El Toro rider Chris Harte, Ollie regained his composure and busted a set of hot laps to move back up the field.

Ollie cramming all he has into a tiny box on his 4th and final lap
Photo: Jane

Quintessential Christchurch pinner and proud father of recent twin grublets, Dayle McLachlan pulled out a blinding fast final lap to sit on Ollie's wheel into the final time up the Trimble climb. In a move reminiscent of the dirtiest roadie tricks, Ollie stalled on the final pinch, forcing Dayle to dismount and reportedly damage his 'man bits'.

Angering a pinner like Dayle was always going to be a risky move, and sure enough Dayle caught Ollie in sight of the finish and showed determination and mad BMX skills to take the sprint for first in Open Men by a gnats whisker!

Ollie eyes up the hotline
Photo: An awesome anonymous individual

A truly epic race and some great competition, with riders like Craig Tolson, Anton Cooper and Singlespeed nutter Chris Burr shredding the tough and technical course.

Shouts must go out to the Haven MTB crew for marshaling in the hot hot sun, Chris for some amazing cheering/jeering and Jo for her duties as technical hydration officer; a crucial role in the suffocating heat!

Mountain Pedaler out...

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