Friday, June 27, 2008

Mountain Pedaler's new ride

While automobiles are rarely given a passing thought on this bastion of bicycle obsession, Mountain Pedaler NZ's procurement of a Toyota Caldina GTT wagon is surely a milestone worthy of mention.

Flash new door magnets

With mixed emotions, the well travelled Series 3 Land Rover (affectionately known as 'the landie') was put to pasture, replaced with this fine example of Japanese engineering; a picture performance and reliability not unlike a Ventana.

Expect to see it at trails around NZ, with the occupants arriving in a level of comfort, style and safety in stark contrast to the sensory assault forced upon passengers and driver alike during long trips in the landie.

GTT: Good for Towing Trailbikes

We are happy to report bike capacity of up to 7 bikes which should make roadtrips feasible even with the current hemorrhaging of petrol prices.

Mountain Pedaler out...

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ZanKX said...

hope to ride together in the future...