Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rollin' through the Rainbow

The Toro at rest after a hard day at the office

Ventana rider Oliver pulled off a stunner at this weekends Rainbow Rage; a 106km adventure ride from St Arnaud near Nelson to Hanmer Springs.
Riding his El Toro with a monster 34-13 gear, he powered his way to 4th overall and first singlespeed by half an hour!
Despite numerous mishaps such as loose handlebars 10km in, and a puncture at the 30km mark, he dominated the field, proving that one gear is indeed all you need.
Oliver describes the final 6km brake burning descent as the highlight. Approximately 1 minute down on 4th at the top of the climb, he drifted through the deep gravel corners to catch then pass the rider at the penultimate corner. The El Toro's legendary geometry no doubt assisted this smoking downhill run.
A great finish to an awesome ride, and excellent preparation for the Single Speed Nationals in Rotorua where a field of no less than 4 El Toros is expected to front up. Expect to see Oliver and the Ventana crew dish out a lesson in one-gear riding.

Mountain Pedaler out...

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