Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cruzin' at Nydia Bay

A sunny Sunday in Marlborough sounds
from Opuri saddle; start of the Nydia bay ride

Braving a frosty Sunday morning, a Oliver and Tristian aboard Ventana El Saltamontes were joined by Anja and Stu for a jaunt over the legendary Nydia bay track.
Thanks to some invaluable driving duties by Tristan's Mum, we positioned cars for a drop off and drive out, hoping to avoid the 33km gravel road that would have faced us otherwise!

With a drop off at the top of Opuri saddle, it was right into the fantastic single track. Words cannot describe the perfect concoction of roots, rocks and the odd head high supplejack vine, as we hooted and hollered all the way down to Duncan bay. If the rest of the ride was anything like this first section, we knew we were in for a treat!

After a cheeky lunch break, i was back on the bikes for a challenging single track climb to the first saddle. It required a perfect balance of technical skill and grunt, with plenty of clambering up rooty sections and over dips and undulations in the trail. Both Oliver and Tristan noted the supreme lateral stiffness of their frames, allowing them to track straight through difficult sections without their frames twisting under the demanding loads.
'Bluey' atop the first saddle, having mastered the challenging climb!

Downhill was the next order of the day, with a solid 40 minute descent with plenty of the same flowing but technical challenge experienced from the start. By this time everyone was having a ball, and the inevitable endo where one rider attempted to cross a root infested wheel gobbling line was met with friendly jeers from those who witnessed it!

A stop for a snack in Nydia proper proceeded another climb, which started open but then entered the temperate tropical forest that we had come to know and love. The descent from this saddle was again a blast, although tired bodies meant that slippery sections demanded full commitment.

Crazy skills award of the day goes to Stu, who attempted (and nearly made) a 1m high tree hop, complete with sketchy off-camber run in and off-cliff bail out option. Impressive stuff!
Stu eyes up a fallen tree, hitting it with pace.

Up up and away!

One last climb over a new section of trail, then a final descent to the car where polypros were swapped and sangos were demolished.

With 5 hours of technical riding it was truly an epic ride, heightened by the presence of great company. A must ride for any exponents of technical single track, and surely one of NZ's best trails. Like always, check the Kennett Bros. book for the details, and add it to you list of spring adventures!

Mountain Pedaler out...


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