Friday, February 23, 2007

Team rider Tristan's new digs

Tristan Rawlence, Ventana NZ team rider and all round legend has taken up his new position with DOC on the remote Codfish island. Situated off the coast of Stewart Island in the deep south, his role as a ranger sees him caring for some serious wildlife including the endangered Kakapo. Czech out these sweet pics of his new digs below.
In between stints on the island, Tristan made the excursion to select MTB events such as the MTB national rounds in Dunedin and Queenstown. Look for him to lay down some single speed domination on the El Toro at Karapoti, where he described his tactics as "Put on a big gear, run the ups and bomb the downhills" a good strategy given the challenging profile of the course.
Look for an update soon, which in Tristan's words "may require the deletion of some expletives!".
Mountain Pedaler Out...

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