Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Construction in progress

Many mountain bikers are aware of the thrill of Pump tracks, mainly through the mad exploits of pro rider Mark Weir in this Youtube video.
Unfortunately precious few riders have had the chance to actually ride a pump track, and the Mountain Pedaler's summer was devoted to spreading the pump track love to wider audience.

Oliver gets the front end rowdy!
Photo Nick Whalley

Starting with a flat block of about 10m x 15m situated under some mature black walnut trees on a farm on the outskirts of Nelson, a plan was hatched to construct a simple pump track setup that would allow racers and punters alike to experience this unique thrill for themselves.

Using Lee Cormack's proven design, 7 cubic metres of topsoil was trucked then barrowed into a series of 1 and 2 foot humps, with some juicy 90 and 180 degree berms thrown in to keep things interesting.

The Terremoto carves through a berm
Photo Nick Whalley

After a week of tuning, riding, sprinkling and more riding, the track became hard and fast, and a joy to ride!

The finished pump track

For riders up Nelson way who are looking to give it a go, get in touch with the Mountain Pedaler and he'll fill you in on the location.

Something about making your way around a tight circuit with out a single pedal stroke that brings a whole new domension to MTB riding.

Mountain Pedaler out...

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